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  Reykjavik Arts Festival 2000. Photo Jonathan Becker, USA  

Keepers, Museum of Design and Applied Art, Iceland 2015-17
Made in Furniture at DesignMarch 2014 in Harpa, Reykjavik.
Nordic House, Reykjavik 2012. Competitions-Architecture in the Melting Pot.
Exhibition of prizewinning proposals in open competitions over the last 40 years.
DesignMarch at Epal
, Reykjavík 2009
Summer Exhibition at the Museum of Design and Applied Art, Iceland 2009
Nordic Architecture as Resource
, Reykjavík 2003.
Kolonihaven, The International Challence , Tokyo Big Sight, Tokyo 2002-03.
Garðhusabaer, The International Challenge, Reykjavik Art Museum, Reykjavik Arts Festival 2000.
Hooks , Galleri Greip, Reykjavik Arts Festival 1996.
From Dreams to Reality, the Baltic/Scandinavian Design and Craft exhibition . Tallinn, Riga, Vilnius, Gothenburg and Helsinki 1993-94.
New Directions in ScandinavianDesign, Design Museum, London 1992-93.
Arkitektinn sem hönnuður , Asmundarsalur, Reykjavik Arts Festival 1992.