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  Photo: Werner Huthmacher, Berlin  

2010 Nursing Home in Fjardabyggd. 3. prize in open competition.
2008 Laugavegur/Vatnsstígur, Reykjavik Comparative poposal for urban renewal.
2003 Icelandic Embassy Residence in Berlin. 1. prize in open competition.
2003 Laugarnesskóli-school extension, Reykjavík. Winning proposal in invited competition.
2002 Planning of new residential areas in Akranes, West Iceland. Architects chosen in tender competition.
1999 Gardhusabaer, The international Challenge. Winning proposal in open competition.
1999 Housing in Grafarholt, Reykjavik. Architects chosen by shortlisting.
1992 Planning of Ingolfs- og Grofartorg, center of Reykjavik. 2. seat in invited competition.
1985 Virginia Concrete Masonry Association, USA. 1. design award.
1984 Nyhus, homes made of precast concrete elements. 3. prize in open competition .